Pete Sack

Raleigh, NC

Pete Sack is a Raleigh-based artist known for his multifaceted portrait and abstract paintings that challenge viewers to consider the many layers that evoke feelings of familiarity in human expression. He left his native Seattle to attend East Carolina University where he earned a BFA in Painting.

His current work comprises both abstract and figurative pieces. The abstracts are about flow, both mechanically and emotionally. His figurative work relies on fine detailing and contains new depth as it combines multiple faces and abstractions, giving the work a richer, more complex quality.

Sack works from a studio in downtown Raleigh, where visitors are always welcome. He is represented by Sorelle Fine Art in Westport CT, Artsuite and Mahler Fine Art in Raleigh, NC and regularly shows his work in the Triangle area. 


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