Michael Perry

Durham, NC


As a visual artist and chef, Michael Perry is constantly emerging and re-emerging. Being self taught in both fields has presented both freedoms to explore and obstacles to overcome.

The series of work being presented by Artsuite is based on a pointillist and primitive style. Perry has always been fascinated by the painted, copal wood carvings of Oaxaca (Alebrije) and the intricate bead and thread work of the Huichol tribes in Mexico. Growing up in the Navajo and Hopi region of the southwest he took inspiration from the intricate mandalas of the sand paintings - the sand being nature's pointillist tool.

After being introduced to Manfred Schwartz's work of the 1960's at Etretat in France, Perry felt liberated. His earlier work had been primarily representative landscapes. Schwartz's work opened up for him a personalized view of nature and the environment. Perry's style and intensification became more abstract.

In a world that is complex and uncertain, Perry strives to create a point of stillness for the viewer - a moment of pause and respite.


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